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Why MUSE Educational Consulting?

We work with a wide range of clients and settings: museums, preK-12 schools, post-secondary institutions, fitness centers, community collaborations, and clinical sites. We have experience partnering with agile strategic planning experts, and we can function as purely external evaluators or as embedded evaluators...or somewhere between. We have worked with a wide range of federal and private funders, and we have a clear vision of the kind of work that is currently important in various fields, and we bring expertise in both quantitative and qualitative (and of course mixed methods) approaches. 

Our rates are exactly at the mean and mode for United States-based independent evaluators, yet we bring far more experience and higher levels of education than are the median/mode for United States. 

We only take projects that we are excited about. These include:
  • STEM projects
  • Work within Free Choice Learning Environments (museums, etc.)
  • Teacher Preparation/Education
  • Identity-related work 
  • Culturally rich settings (or settings in which cultural enrichment is desired)
  • Projects in postsecondary or other settings that increase access for traditionally underserved populations

We prefer to be included in the project planning from the very beginning to ensure that your goals, outcomes, and budget are realistic and balanced. When we promise we will do a project for a quoted price, we stick to that price unless we jointly (your organization and ours) re-negotiate an increase or decrease in scope. We make every effort to be complete in our budgeting so that you have no surprises on your invoices and know exactly how much everything will cost up front. 

Our President and Lead Consultant is very active within the American Evaluation Association and keeps our consultants aware of and, when appropriate, trained in the best approaches within the field. 

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