Student Assessment
Student assessment is undoubtedly important, especially in public schools. Our collective background in measurement and assessment can provide your organization with robust collaborative consultation about reforming, interpreting, and making data-driven decisions based upon assessment data. 

Test Item Development with a Special Interest in Studying Bias
In cases in which dichotomous or polytomous responses are necessary for student assessment, the consultants at MUSE Educational Consulting have experience with item development. We have special interest in studying items for bias (content validity), both before and after items are used. We have the analytical experience to help parse out different variables and attempt to describe ways in which a particular assessment tool may advantage or disadvantage particular groups.  

Test Interpretation and Recommendation
Many school and district administrators have difficulty making the most out of their student assessment scores. We are able to analyze your assessment data, help you sort out trends and identify areas that need strengthening, and provide written recommendations of how your school or district can better prepare students for the content in which they are tested. If you need a team of Masters and Ph.D. level analysts who have experience in STEM curriculum at all levels, please contact us. We may be able to help! 

Reforming Student Assessment
While standardized tests are the norm in many states, we often agree that the use of essay questions can be beneficial for measuring students' writing ability in a reliable and valid way (provided there are appropriate rubrics and strong rater training and retraining programs in place). Similarly, we feel that often the best way to measure students' ability to do mathematics, science, or any other subject is by using authentic assessment. The challenges to authentic assessment are time and money. Yet if your school, district, or state is interested in exploring alternative methods of measuring student performance, we would love to partner with you.