MUSE Education Recent Activities
In addition to my own work in museum, classroom, postsecondary, teacher preparation, STEM, and wellness education and evaluation beginning in 1991, I collaborate with and supervise 5 other consultants who bring similarly long careers in museum, library, STEM, Montessori, preK-12 and postsecondary, and military educational settings. My day-to-day work includes:

* Collaborating with a range of education-related clients: post-secondary, preK-12, state and district-wide educational agencies as well as informal learning environments such as museums, planetaria, camps, and other not-for-profit educational environments. 

* Designing all features of program/project research and evaluation, including: comprehensive literature reviews to inform project/program and evaluation design, balancing qualitative and quantitative data collection to maximize richness and depth of understanding, identifying extant validated scales/instruments that can be used for data collection, budgeting costs for all phases of a project, and supervising five other consultants across the United States. Reports are proprietary; publication and presentation are generally not appropriate. 

* Coordinating the work of all involved consultants to produce cost-effective proposals and reports. Working with project budgets from $1,000 to $2,000,000.

Sample projects 2017 to present: 

* Developed nutrition unit for preschoolers living in food desert. Outcome: increased awareness of where food comes from and willingness to eat unfamiliar fresh foods.

* Explored root causes of students not continuing in postsecondary physics introductory class progression relative to identity transactions with various communities of practice. 

* Was trained in basic lobbying techniques and learned museum industry statistics in order to visit Senators, Congressmen, and their staffs from three states for American Alliance of Museum's 2017 Museum Advocacy Days. 

* Collaboratively developed plan to empower museum staff to use innovative strategic planning and evaluation practices for immediate and future needs.

* Developed wellness program for an underserved community with the support of two previously unrelated sources.

* Created and brokered relationships for Reading to Shelter Animals program for summer camp students reading significantly below grade level. Brought together three community organizations and authored literacy resource handbooks for summer camp counselors to support literacy development. 

* Consulted with numerous clients to: clarify measurable educational goals for grant proposals, suggest theoretical frameworks, ensure best fit between proposed project and RFP/NOFO, assist in the writing of proposals, and supply letters of support. 

* Drew from experience as NSF panelist to help clients in museums, postsecondary institutions, and other educational community groups understand review process and assess fit between project and funder. 

* Read, assigned reviewers, analyzed reviewer feedback, created multi-paper groupings, and determined cut point for rejection for 50-60 conference proposals for American Evaluation Association's Assessment in Higher Education group annually.