Program Building
MUSE consultants can add much more than a century of experience to your educational endeavors. If your organization seeks to add educational programming to for any age--preschool through older adults--in any setting, we can help.

We specialize in bringing together a variety of stakeholders to honor multiple perspectives and areas of expertise. We will work with a collaboration of stakeholders to create projects and programs that meet the needs of the target audience while honoring the goals and mission of the sponsoring institution(s). The process varies based on context, but in general, our program-building process flows from best practices inspired by the evaluation world. In classical terms, our work falls into stages of your work. 
  • Front-end evaluation. We help you determine who is in your target audience, who is missing from that audience, and what the attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, areas of interest/curiosity, and needs of your audiences are.
  • Formative evaluation. Working closely with your organization and its built-in experts and resources, we test out emerging programming/project ideas to make sure we are meeting identified needs and reaching your audience efficiently and effectively.
  • Summative evaluation. Focusing on your intended outcomes, we use quantitative and qualitative measures to make sure that your program or project goals have been met. If necessary, remedial changes may be made to correct areas where goals are not being met.