Dr. Mercer-Tachick's Support of Teachers 
Here are some anonymous comments new teachers have made of Dr. Mercer-Tachick's impact on their development. 
“Dr. Mercer was one of the few professors at Albion who sincerely encouraged me to aim for my dreams. She helped me to become a better teacher and person as a result of her mentorship during my student teaching. She has high expectations, yet they are attainable. And she is quick to let you know if you’ve done an exemplary job. I wanted to do well for her. That, to me is a sign of how excellent an educator Melissa is."
“I learned the most from her education class, and it is the class that I still look back on for motivation and passion.” 
“Amazing!!! I am a teacher because of her!” 
“She taught me the importance of getting to know my students. Without having a clear understanding of my students’ lives, goals, and misconceptions, I would not be able to effectively educate them…I finished my first year [of full-time teaching] recently, and I know Dr. Mercer-Tachick is to credit for the success that I have had.” 
“Dr. Mercer continued her interest and willingness to help me far beyond my time on her roster. She is an outstanding member of the faculty!” 
Additionally, Dr. Mercer-Tachick and other college faculty worked with a number of local public school teachers to complete a self study on their collaborative work in revamping a teacher preparation program. They examined the importance of reciprocal, honest relationships wherein all parties celebrated individual strengths and vulnerabilities, resources and needs. Melissa, another faculty member, and four public school teachers traveled to California and England to present their work together, further cementing their mutual respect for one another, both personally and professionally.