Hospice Support Page--Sample Work
Occasionally, families and friends supporting hospice patients undergoing natural end of life shutdown processes are challenged by well-meaning but perhaps under-informed persons who do not understand:
  • Where the hospice patient is in the jourey of life and death. 
  • What the roles of visitors are in order to help the hospice patient prepare for end of life. 
  • What roles visitors play that can be detrimental to the hospice patient's journey and the work being done by caring and well informed decision-m​akers and hospice staff. 
Melissa Mercer-Tachick, Ph.D., created these signs to help families and visitors better understand ​the hospice context. They are to be shared freely with attribution intact.

If you have other needs for clearly communicating concepts to people, we welcome your inquiry. Use the Contact Us page to reach out. 

A downloadable and personalizable PowerPoint file is available in the right sidebar under the Creative Commons licensing information. 
Downloadable, personalizable file: