Grant Writing
Our team of consultants is collectively experienced in every stage of grant proposal writing: 
  • Conceiving of ideas
  • Writing grant proposals collaboratively
  • Serving on major panels to judge proposals
  • Evaluating programs and projects as required by many grant-makers. 

​If your organization is considering an educational partnership with other institutions in your community, we may be able to help you flesh out your ideas, put your proposal clearly and persuasively on paper, use targeted and precise language that is appropriate for the academic field(s) in which you are working, conform to proposal requirements, and provide proposal readers with the help they need to understand your vision. 

If you need evaluators for your project or program, we may also be a strong partner with you. We listen to your goals and co-construct an evaluation program that will get to the heart of what you want to know about your learners, students, and/or visitors. 

We can work with you in both capacities--as program/project guides/facilitators and as external evaluators, though we must maintain some distance at critical points in the day-to-day execution of the project in order to make that work. We can be fully external or embedded. We prefer to have a strong relationship with you during the literature review and brainstorming portions of the project development, allow you to make your own decisions about what will work within your community and context, staff and run the program yourself, and then step in to take an active role in the measurement of success of your program. We are always available for consultation at any stage of the process.