Exhibit Development
Museums and other institutions often use objects, technological devices, and events to communicate ideas, propose alternative perspectives, or help a visitor explore sense of "self." We are happy to consult on a piece of the process or the whole process. 

If we are not participating in the design process directly, we can oversee the application of one or all of these sorts of evaluation. In classical terms, we are able to perform
  • Front End Evaluation: Who is the intended audience and what is the range of baseline knowledge, interest, and curiosity that they bring to the project? Importantly, how might traditional non-visitors be positively impacted, perhaps becoming first-time and repeat visitors? 
  • Formative Evaluation: What messages are visitors receiving, what questions do they still have, how is traffic flowing, what exhibits are working, and what doesn't work or causes confusion? 
  • Summative Evaluation: How does the finished product meet its goals for visitors? Are they impacted the way planners envisioned, and what, if any, recommendations are there for supplemental programming? 
  • Remedial Evaluation: How can we work together to fix what isn't working about an exhibition, given the resources available and the needs of visitors? 

Please see our ​External Evaluation page for more information about our approaches.