Welcome to the home of MUSE Educational Consulting, where we believe that "learning" includes content and skills but also beliefs, perspectives, identity negotiation, and the relationship between self and the world. 

At MUSE Educational Consulting, LLC, we are dedicated to enhancing "learning" in every form in any setting. We have the research, teaching, and practical experience to foster the broad-based, highly collaborative transformation your organization is seeking, either at its foundations or within its curriculum, projects, or programs. 

We specialize in a variety of areas, including:
  • External evaluation using the best ideas from the profession. 
  • Fostering change based on mutually beneficial collaborations with diverse stakeholders
  • Supporting project-based, student-directed, discourse-driven, and inquiry-centered pedagogies in math and science education
  • Introducing the best of museum-based practices and perspectives to more formal learning environments, such as schools
  • Aligning projects and programs with desired visitor-/learner-centered goals
  • Co-constructing curricula that simultaneously meets state mandates and local needs

​Our consultants are located in five different states, but we travel to all fifty states and beyond. We consult for
  • Colleges and universities
  • ​Schools
  • Museums, libraries, historic sites, and other "free choice" learning environments
  • Community organizations and collaborations
  • Testing and evaluation companies

"...When you’re learning in a non-classroom setting—a museum, outdoors with the dogs, wherever it might be—it’s more about the feeling. And what you learn is something that you discover later. It’s how you reflect back on it. It’s how you feel about it when you think about it later. It’s about the story you tell and what the story teaches you."
--Dog Sled Expedition Participant
Active member of the American Evaluation Association. Additionally, Dr. Mercer-Tachick currently serves as Program Chair for the Assessment in Higher Education Topical Interest Group.